Activities for Spurfest 2018

The 18th Annual Spurfest will be held at the Museum.  We are all so excited! Indoor and outdoor activities will include sampling fresh churned butter, biscuits and gravy, and peach cobbler, live music, demonstrations by a weaver and a quilter, Karem Cowboys Performances, a mock saloon, and many, many exhibits manned by docents.

Coryell Museum & Historical Center will be open from 9-4 with refreshments, live entertainment, and special displays.

The Coryell Museum & Historical Center is pleased to  announce that Gatesville Spurfest is returning for its 18th year as an event at the Museum.

  • Free museum admission
  • Spur Capital of Texas -- Mitchell Collection
  • Historical reenactments including a sheriff and cowboy!
  • Live music
  • Karem Cowboy performances
  • Mock Saloon
  • Demonstrations such as weaving and quilting
  • Quilt block contest applications available at the Museum or on Spurfest Facebook
  • Outside Vendors Applications are available by contacting Erv Adams at 254-383-6094
  • Hundreds of exhibits and thousands of artifacts
  • Gift Shop

ATTENTION all Quilters!

We need you at SPURFEST in September!  Participate in our Quilt Block Contest, rules and application are following. Application may be picked up at Coryell Museum or on Spurfest Facebook